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Why Homeschool?

Wow! What a loaded question! Do you want the spiritual, the emotional, the academic, or statistics? People have chosen to homeschool their children for any and all these reasons. Whatever the original reason people decide to homeschool or withdraw their kids from public school, the change it makes in families *is priceless* as the commercial says.

It may seem daunting to you if you are on the threshold. But just as with your first child, you grow in the experience. You learn as you go. Remember reading all those pregnancy books, taking classes, going to LaMaze meetings, then MOPS meetings? These were support systems to help you in your new role of parent.

Homeschooling has support groups throughout the whole United States, Canada, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Korea, and other places. And if there are no other homeschoolers near you, just get online with a homeschool list. You will find great homeschoolers willing to answer your questions and give you resources to help. We have homeschoolers on an island off the coast of Alaska and in NYC. From the Keys to Mount St. Helens area.

But we know that no matter what the evidence or the support, the most important thing is what's best for YOUR family and YOUR children. Take a quick peak at Homeschooling Stories, you may find something that strikes a chord with your situation. Read through a few of the FAQs, if you don't see your question, please contact us with your question. If you still have questions, just sign up for the new homeschoolers newsletter and you will get updates every month on how to start this Great Adventure.

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