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How to Homeschool

So you've decided to homeschool are wondering what in the world is the next step. Some of you have withdrawn the kids and are wondering what now. First thing, congratulations on this life changing decision. Now breathe! Relax, there is plenty of support and guidance to help you get your footing.

Unlike boiling eggs, there is no set way to homeschool. We will set out a few basics on this site, giving you a buffet to choose from, and you can taste a little bit of each resource, taking what works for your children and leaving the rest.

Just as everyone's house is different, even in tract housing neighborhoods, everyone's homeschool looks different. Even if your best friend homeschools differently than you do, don't let it bother you. You will find your own style, and it will put the *home* in your homeschool.

Well, first of all, check the state regulations for homeschooling. If you are in the many states where homeschoolers do not have to register or ask permission, then you are *home free*! If you are in a state with heavy regulations where you have to register, ask permission, get under an umbrella school, or other hoops that are prevalent in some states, then please check with the State Homeschool Association or local homeschool support group to find out how that is done. We have them listed under Support Group on our site.

Okay, so now you understand the homeschool requirements for your state and are ready to launch into your new adventure. What's next? Do you remember when you first came home from working? Or when you had your first child? Yes, this will be as life changing as those times. You will need to adjust to being home, having the kids around. Everyone will need to de-compress and adjust to the new lifestyle.

So let's begin. You've withdrawn your kids, collected some basic books or DVDs for the kids to work with, joined a support group or found a park group to join. You are ready to start.

First, continue to pray for wisdom on a daily basis. Each day, Go ask the King at the beginning of each new adventure. You now have little mirrors watching you was you walk your Christian walk. Let them join you in Bible study and prayer. Teach them as you go along that they are to spend their own time with God and His Love letters to us.

To build your foundation of education, find out which Approach to education is the closest to your family's heart. Then find the teaching method within that approach that works for each of your children. It's not unusual to need several methods for one child as they mature or different methods for each of your children. The wonderful part of homeschooling is being able to tailor education to match the child, not the other way around.

The Season of Re-Education section will give you some ideas about the basics of homeschooling. The Lesson Plans section has lesson plans until you find your style of homeschooling which is covered under Approaches to Education. And the Support Group section gives a few hints about support groups and what they do and how to find them.

If you need more help, we have a newsletter for new homeschoolers. Just check the box on the right.

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