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Becoming a Mentor

What is a Mentor? Sounds kind of formal and time consuming, doesn't it? Actually it's probably something you are already doing. You are probably answering newbie questions on a yahoogroup, answering questions from church members, or from people at the park or grocery store. Just calling them occasionally, inviting them to the park when you know they need a break, emailing them occasionally, inviting them to support group meetings or other events that you know would be of help to them. But it's not much different than being a big sister or big brother

Many of you have been homeschooling long enough that you finally feel confident in your homeschooling and have your routine down. You've probably read many of those books that new homeschoolers considered a maze of new ideas. If you have a cousin, neighbor, or church member whom you've been talking to about homeschooling, consider helping them through their first year of homeschooling. It's probably what you are doing anyway with several friends.

So how do you become a Mentor? It's easy really. You have friends who have been talking to you about homeschooling; a church member, a cousin, a neighbor, who wonders about how you do it, how hard is it, is it something anyone can do. These people are the ones who are on the brink of homeschooling, but just need the confidence of knowing there is someone who will support them and encourage them to take that first step into homeschooling. So ask them next time they talk to you about homeschooling. Just ask, "Hey, if I helped you with this, would you like to start this year?" or "I know you have researched this for a while, isn't it time you started? I'll be here to help you along the way."

Once they start, then what? If you decide to sign up for our Mentor's Newsletter, we will be sending emails to you every month with suggestions, articles to share, resources for your family and the family you are mentoring. With these newsletters, you will be reminded of the many ways to homeschool, the many philosophies of education, the many methods of homeschooling, and many resources out there for you and your newbie family. You are helping them along the way; we are helping you. No one does this alone.

Okay, so I'm answering my new family's questions, but where do I get my questions answered? We will have a forum for Mentors to talk with each other and for your questions to be answered. We hope you will frequent the forums and let us know how things are going for you and the new family.

What's in it for me? Well, for most people this year will be the most satisfying of their lives as they help another family grow into homeschooling. We hope this will be enough, but we are working on providing coupons for discounts and freebies from various resources in the homeschool community. No promises just yet, but we will make announcements in the newsletter for Mentors.

How much time will this take? That depends on you. We ask that you at least email or call your new family once a week. But you might want to invite them to the park once a month, carpool to field trips, or spend time otherwise. It's up to you.

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